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 Backend Efforts
 Posted: Jul 15 2017, 11:52 AM


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So to feel more complete, I have this vision of processing all the unfinished shoot material from over 10 years ago, and uploading it over the next 6-12 months.

It's a good plan, I say.

So I have already begun a few things on the backend such as a new design and presentation format. Naturally this would be a lot of work considering the massive amount of content. Nonetheless, its begun and members can see some of the work in progress here:

New Members Area Design

I will likely change to the new design shortly (the old design is still available too) even before the conversion is done. At the very moment I am currently working with video delivery speeds via cdn, and a new pay pal IPN system. And all of this has taken quite a bit of time, and I have yet to process much of anything new. Still its coming, as that is the plan.

I will use this log here to post site updates, so check it for the latest activity.


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